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Health is the greatest possession

Lao Tzu

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About the National Herb Doctor


At the National herb doctor clinic we put our heart and soul into improving every patients health, as a result, we provide authentic Chinese herbal medicine diagnosis service and back it up with the highest quality herbal medicine products that are packaged and labelled according to the Australian Government Department of Health standards. Our Aim is to support people whom cannot reach quality health services when required.

Dr Mark Mayes
Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Official Qualifications

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What we do

Video Consults


We provide excellent care in a friendly and professional environment for you and your family. We offer consultation, health check and help with whatever we can. The treatments are provided according to need, not ability to pay. True healthcare is driven by care and compassion. Your consultation with us is confidential and all

treatments are rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and are tailored to meet your health and wellbeing.  

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage consists of a range of techniques such as deep tissue massage, pressure point therapy which focus on treating specific injuries and muscle discomfort. The treatment may include an initial assessment to identify muscle, postural imbalances and isolate the muscles that are functioning incorrectly.  Remedial massage therapy has a number of therapeutic benefits.


Acupuncture is one aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that can help with a variety of physical conditions. The most well-known type of acupuncture involves the placing of very thin needles on the body at certain strategic points. These acupuncture points connect pathways in the body that regulate energetic flow (Qi), that is responsible for overall wellbeing.

Herbal Medicine

The true benefit of this herbal medicine, as with acupuncture, is that it allows practitioners to blend herbal formulas to match the patient accordingly. Instead of having a standard formula for a particular condition you can adjust the clinical effectiveness of the herbs through this tailoring the signs and symptoms. For the patient herbal medicine can provide effective results with little side-effects.

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What we do
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The Chinese do not draw any distinction between food and medicine.

Lin Yutang

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In Clinic Consultation
& Treatments

Our In Clinic Consultation including Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment, acupuncture and cupping therapy, Herbal medicine, prepared prescription, decocting and packaging, therapy and supplements. We have helped our patients to deal with common health issues such as high blood pressure, insomnia, weight loss, etc using treatments involving acupuncture, herbs, moxibustion, gua sha, and cupping.


Video Consultation

Most practitioners and clinic in recent times has provided a new model of care with video consultation besides face-to-face contact for many reasons. There has been particular interest in video consultations, which are already being rolled out in many countries where patients are hindered by distance, transport issues, and other challenges. Whatever your needs may be, get in touch with us so that we can arrange a video consultation for you.

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Where there is no movement there is pain.
Where there is movement there is no pain.

Traditional Chinese saying

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Get Your Prescription

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatments are often prescribed based on individuals’ pattern diagnoses. Chinese herbal medicines are mainly plant-based with certain preparations and packaged as powders, pastes, lotions, or tablets, depending on the herb and its intended use. Different herbs have different properties that can balance particular parts of the body. Prescribing a particular herb or concoction of herbs means the practitioner’s diagnosis has to take into account the state of the patient’s conditions.


As Chinese herbal medicines are prepared to an individual patient's health requirements, you will need to book a In-Clinic or Video Consultation prior to ordering your first prescription. Book a Consultation >>

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